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Play Gym 


PlayWorks is a fun and developmental place for kids in our community to play. We’ve all been to an indoor playground, jumped in a bounce house and done flips on a trampoline. It was a ton of fun, right? Even though it is fun and helps tire a kid out, are your kids gaining anything from it? Are they developing while they play, socializing and developing themselves to be the best kid that they can be?

We’re not trying to replace other indoor playgrounds, we just plan on offering something new and different. PlayWorks is a place that has all of the fun stuff, but also has a benefit for each kid that visits. Think of it this way; if you were to join a gym, would you want to be able to take part in activities or use equipment that helps your body develop, change and be the best that it can be? That’s exactly what PlayWorks will offer for your kids!

What exactly does this mean?

  • Sensory Development Equipment and Activities

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development

  • Social Skills and Interaction with Other Children

  • Development Based Play and Activities


Stay tuned 

for Fun Workshops

PlayWorks Play Gym.png

Play Gym times are
9-noon on Fridays!! 

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