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1.  I am concerned about my child's development.  How do I schedule an evaluation?

To schedule an evaluation you must first visit with your child's doctor.  Explain to your doctor your concerns and ask him/her if therapy services are recommended.  If therapy services are recommended your doctor will give you a script/referral.  You are then encouraged to contact the therapy provider of your choice to schedule an appointment. 


2.  What types of Insurance do you accept?


PlayWorks currently accepts Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  We are adding new insurance companies so please contact us for an updated list. 

3.  What is the Play Gym and when can my child come?

Our open play gym times are on Fridays from 9-12pm.  It is open to the public. The cost is $4 a child for an hour of exciting play!

4.  What are PlayWorks Workshops?

PlayWorks offers 1-2 Workshops a month.  All workshops are open to the public.  We offer a wide variety of fun exciting themes with craft.  $5 per participant.  Space is limited and sign up required.  Visit our Facebook page for more information about upcoming workshop events 

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